We were excited to attend Search Exchange 2013 yesterday in Charlotte, NC!  We had a marathon day after leaving Chapel Hill early to get there in time to see the first presentations.

Steve present a number of web favorite fun facts. Did you know that 20% of divorce filings in the United States include the work Facebook?

Day One, which focused on Pay-Per-Click advertising,  featured some great speakers from around the country, including our own Steven Kent.  Steve discussed PPC alternatives to Google.  If you want to check out his presentation, his slide deck is available here.

Some highlights of the day?  Well first, we managed to find parking in downtown Charlotte for $2.50 for the entire day (and it wasn’t that bad of a walk, no matter how much Steve complained).  We also highly enjoyed watching Hanapin’s Kayla Kurtz keynote presentation on the future of PPC, as well as Seer Interactive’s Aaron Levy’s presentation on the Google Display Network.   And last but not least, we finished off the day and enjoyed some of Charlotte’s best pizza at Fuel.

We hope to see everyone next year, thanks for a great time!