Facebook announced last month that a new algorithm will limit the amount of 'free' organic traffic that pages receive.  Instead, the new algorithm will reward outside links and popular content.

What does this mean for small business pages?  It will be more difficult (and more expensive) for brands to reach their fans on a daily basis.  It also means that the average Facebook user will not see daily posts, even from their most beloved pages.

Obviously, this makes communication for small businesses even more difficult on Facebook.  Many small businesses rely on the social media site for inexpensive organic traffic, and as an effective way to communicate with loyal consumers.

So, now what?  Here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck on Facebook.

1.  Keep content platform specific.

When posting to the brand's page, make sure that posts are succinct, length appropriate, and relevant.  Posts are still rewarded based on popularity.  According to Facebook, posts between 100 and 250 characters get about 60% more interaction than posts of longer lengths.  Basically, remember that Facebook is not a blog, and is not Twitter.

2. Give followers directions.

On any post, readers are more likely to engage if you give instructions.  For example, tell fans to "like a post if they do _________", ask them to answer a question, or even request that they share the post.  We have found that these types of posts get 3-5 times more interaction.

3. Use images to their full potential.

We have found that posts with images can be counted to get over 100% more interaction.  Just make sure the picture is high quality ( 600x600 is the ideal size) and of course, relevant.

4. Pay for what matters.

Your company was probably already doing this, but now its more important than ever. Of course, saving money is crucial.  However,  spending money  to promote posts on huge promotions or events will often return more than spent.  The key is just to save your cash for what counts.

So, just because Facebook is changing the game does not mean you have to despair!  It just requires a little more thought and a little more effort to make sure your Facebook fans engage with your brand.