More and more, automation is making its way into online marketing.  Intuitively, this makes sense.  Computers performing tasks on other computers?  Why not?

As computers can perform and integrate smaller and smaller tasks, more fine-tuned and seemingly intelligent automation is possible. Which can be a good thing, right?  However, the implications are stronger than they appear.  The loss of the human touch in marketing (and many other things for that matter) could result in three worrisome trends-

1. Uniformity with less creativity.

2. Mediocrity because of a loss of originality

3. Loss of expertise, as experts become devalued.

Obviously, automation of simple tasks is useful and important in an efficient technical economy.  However, nothing can replace the unique personality and creativity inherent in humans.  Furthermore, if everyone uses the similar software, then there is a concern that content will all become the same. If no one is performing tasks, then the expertise required to do certain tasks will be lost.

Nothing replaces the unique creativity and ability of humans to get uncommon results.  At least for now!

Not sure if we entirely agree (obviously), but here is an interesting article from The Economist on the future of long term jobs and the roles of humans in tech, at