It is common knowledge at this point that organic reach for Facebook pages has been steadily decreasing in the past couple of years.

This is for a variety of reasons, but can be generally attributed to Facebook's promoted posts and ads in timeline, as well as the 'rewarding' of only the most popular posts.  And of course, as Facebook pages became more widely used by brands, reader's feeds began to fill up even more.

According to a recent article published by Adweek, organic traffic will soon only reach 1% to 2% of those who like the page.  

Though there is always the option to move primary brand communication to other social media sites like Twitter, which do not have this problem, that is not always viable.

In a previous post, we recommended 4 simple tips for small businesses on Facebook.  However, since even smart Facebook posts will probably not save you money, it is more important to spend wisely instead of not spending at all.

How so?  Here are 3 things to keep in mind every time you create a promoted post on your page.

1. Demographics

Though you may gloss over these choices, always pause to consider who needs to see your posts.  Would women be more likely to be receptive to this post?  Those under the age of 30?  Or those located in Montana?  Just because you are targeting your fans on Facebook does not mean you should target everyone who likes your page.

2. Day of the Week/ Time of Day

Though it certainly depends on your brand, look at when your page receives the most interactions.  Is it the weekend?  Or lunchtime during the workweek?  Either way, make sure that your posts have the most potential for reaching active Facebook fans.

3. Is this best for Facebook?

It is likely your brand has a social media account somewhere else, and that free posts on that platform will be more effective.  Is it a quick update?  Then Twitter may be better.  New dress on sale? Pinterest.  New office furniture? Instagram.  Essentially, think before you post on Facebook: Will you really receive a valuable ROI from a Facebook post you have to pay for?