Two months into 2015, and I thought it would be worth looking at the top predicted trends for digital marketing in 2015, and how they compare to what we are seeing for Protea Digital clients.

Before that, I'd like to welcome a major browser company as a client. Protea has contracted with them to help run their online search advertising, and we're proud to be working with them.

Reviewing articles on the top 2015 trends, the top three themes are:

1) Mobile first - marketers are focusing on what works on mobile, and then looking at desktop.

Protea experience: Partially Agree. We are seeing mobile as vital, but desktop is still a big chunk of the picture. We advocate for both, while focusing on the fundamentals.

2) Content marketing becomes company-wide - all company departments are offering insights into what content needs to developed.

Protea experience: Agree. We have been working with a healthcare client to build their content in a smart, consistent way, and they are starting to see the results. It is a small, growing organization, and draws input from the CEO to front-line employees.

3) More original video content - video's star continues to rise, and original video content is important.

Protea experience: Agreed. A software client of ours has been getting serious traction on a high quality video ad on YouTube, with over one million impressions that we managed the spend on for them.

In terms of what other main themes we see, the paid search channel continues to deliver for clients. We have seen hundreds of thousands of downloads of our software client, at cost-per-download of under $0.20 on a global scale. We think the opportunities in emerging markers for paid search are massive, and have successfully guided the client to serious market growth in those markets.